The Every Year Itch – An unconventional journey – With Ash Bhardwaj

Travel writer, film maker and storyteller Ash Bhardwaj lets his curiosity guide him on extraordinary journeys meeting new cultures, people and documenting their worlds. Ash’s personal story to doing the work he now enjoys so much is as adventurous and diverse as the trips he takes.

Filmmaker and travel writer Ash Bhardwaj loves to tell the true stories of all the places he visits. He has written for the Daily Telegraph, the Times, Evening Standard and the Huffington Post to name but a few and he has produced programmes for Channel 4 and the BBC. Ash always loved science and space and started out teaching secondary school Chemistry and Physics. His adventures started out as a cowboy in Australia, a rugby player in New Zealand and ski instructor in Switzerland. Currently Ash is writing about his adventures of his travels through 11 countries along the Russsia’s European border.

You can contacts Ashwin:
On twitter: @ashbhardwaj
Instagram: ashbhardwaj

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