Training and Workshops

In companies

Training, interactive workshops and presentations for forward thinking companies, who want to get the best out of their teams. Both in English and in Dutch. Topics: 

  • Managing change and redefining work: how to stay agile, adaptable, creative and resilient
  • Enhancing communication (with words, non-verbally, cross-culturally): communication and presentation skills training
  • Creativity and innovation training: flip thinking, solution based practice, planning for the future


In Schools, colleges and universities

Interactive, engaging workshops for adolescents and young adults to enhance their life skills, emotional intelligence, communication, self confidence and self reliance / awareness. All these workshops are fun and are all based on building and filling the toolbox of skills. Topics:  

  • Presenting, telling your story, public speaking and creating your (TED) Talk
  • Self-confidence, self-awareness, self-reliance and resilience – “Who am I and what is so awesome about me?”
  • Dream big, think smart, act wise, have fun. – “Imagining my future.”

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