Training and Workshops

For Parents

Your children (whatever their age) are awesome people trying to make their independent start in life, whilst most likely wanting to impress you.

As a parent it is sometimes impossible to help your almost adult son/daughter. You are simply too close, too invested, too uncool. It is dreadfully difficult to let go, step back and allow your child to learn from their own mistakes. Maybe you don’t agree with their decisions, maybe communication between you is tricky.

In workshops for parents, we address some of the following:

  • The toolkit to help your son/daughter plan and thrive
  • How to draw out their dreams and trust them
  • How to listen, challenge and give feedback
  • How to raise an adult
  • Promoting self-reliance and self confidence

These online workshops are interactive and run over the course of 4 weeks. Be prepared to do a little homework. Click here for more information and dates.

In Schools

  • Public speaking

An incredibly worthwhile skill for every young person. I call it ‘finding your voice’ and can currently run these workshops in English (also to promote speaking English as a foreign language) and Dutch. It teaches kids voice projection, communication skills, body language awareness, the art of speech writing, how to give and receive feedback, as well as improvisation. Every young person can be taught this skill. Whether they are good at it or not, whether they like it or not, this skill will stand them in good stead in every future situation. This workshop can be run in a ‘create a TED Talk’ kind of style, with a presentation at the end to complete the process.

  • Self-confidence, self-awareness, self-reliance and resilience – “Who am I?”

For young people, getting to know themselves is a very valuable tool. What are they about, what are their strengths, how are they perceived and what are the areas that might need some extra attention? Simultaneously this workshop promotes teamwork, communication skills and receiving and giving feedback. A safe space will be created to run these workshops and they work towards a creative exercise to express what has been learned. 

  • Dream big, think smart, act wise, have fun. – “Imagining my future.”

Following on from having increased self-awareness and a toolbox full of useful skills to apply in social situations, this workshop focuses on getting creative about the future. It can be so overwhelming having to think about this. Most young people don’t know where to start, especially when they haven’t been taught techniques to effectively plan. In this session they will learn about the right/left side of the brain and engage their new skills into making a plan and going after what they might want to do or learn more about. 

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