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Kirsten de Bouter Shillam
Speaker and Presenter

Life change expert, International speaker & Author

Kirsten de Bouter Shillam is a mentor, speaker, change expert and thought provoker. With a background in psychology and corporate coaching, she has worked all over Europe for companies such as Oracle, TomTom, Teva and Qualcomm, as well as in various UK councils, Hampshire Police and universities. Presentations and training all focused on organisational change, innovation and people development.

For over 20 years Kirsten has run a successful coaching practice working with clients on career change, business start-ups, improving management skills, taking charge of personal planning, creating success strategies, improving confidence, communication skills, well-being.

Over time Kirsten’s work evolved to concentrating on human potential, often undervalued and unexplored. Companies and individuals are overly conditioned by result orientated working. These transitional times call for creative and solution orientated leaders and self-starters. In their lives, people are stifled by lack of confidence, awareness of their talents and passion, often struggling to take initiative, plan and innovate. In organisations people development is held back by bureaucracy and ruled based thinking.

Today Kirsten’s work is focused on helping people and businesses reframe the way they work successfully, to find creative and fulfilling ways of ‘doing life & business differently’ and to realise untapped potential. 

Corporate work:

Kirsten runs short to medium change processes, presents and facilitates training within forward-thinking companies for people development to effectively adapt to change. The process uses as its starting point already available human resources, getting people to be aware of and develop and express their talents.

In addition she is very active within her coaching practice working with people who find themselves on a cross roads; these could be personal/professional development processes with a life and work change theme.



In The Every-year Itch Podcast, Kirsten interviews a wide variety of people from all different nationalities and backgrounds, who have interesting and inspiring story to tell about their unconventional road to success.

Kirsten is mum to three boys and 2 grown up step children. She has lived in the UK for 26 years, spent the last 3 years in the Netherlands and is about to move to Spain.

Kirsten’s speaking topics include:

  • What’s your every-year itch and what are you going to do about it?
  • How to do life differently (and work, business, health…)
  • Tapping into People Power and unleashing human potential
  • It’s not the survival of the fittest, but of the most adaptable
  • Change management – the future of work and business
  • Psychology – the power of divergent thinking
  • Creative, inventive and innovative leadership
  • Goal setting in a changing world
  • The work/Life balance myth
  • Approaching mental health positively & taking ownership
  • Modern learning instead of yesterday’s education – setting new generations up for success
  • Imposter syndrome – overcoming suffocating lack of self confidence
  • Women leaders

Events include:

  • Women Inspire Network Speaker, Dublin 2019
  • Women in Project Management event Speaker, Dublin 2019
  • TEDx Harderwijk, The Netherlands 2017
  • Toastmaster Best Speaker – 2015
  • Toastmaster Best Evaluator 2015/16
  • Hampshire Police Career Day female police officers 2014 – Confidence presentation
  • Performance management training Oracle Ireland, Austria, Netherlands 2008 – 2011
  • Personal management training Teva Pharmaceuticals 2011
  • Leadership skill training TomTom Amsterdam 2010

Speaker Success

  • Kirsten is an inspiring speaker who focuses on positive audience engagement
  • In excess of 24 years’ experience as a mentor, coach, speaker and trainer. She has worked with hundreds of clients across many organisations
  • Kirsten delivers exceptional knowledge, experience and impact in all her presentations
  • Kirsten can supply original learning materials
  • Published author
  • Founder of Do Life Differently Facebook group
  • Speaker and organiser of TEDx events
  • Benefit from a bespoke and tailored talk for your professional event, which will be promoted through various social media channels.