About Kirsten

About Kirsten de Bouter

What is your itch?

Do you ever get that feeling that something isn’t quite right? A sense that aspects of your life aren’t flowing, or that the emphasis is on all the wrong things? Do you wish you were in a different job/town/country, running a company, training to become the fittest you, planning for a trip, learning a new skill? What about the plans you had, the dreams you dreamt?

These are the stories I have heard for over 24 years from people from all walks of life. Without exception they all wanted something different: live, work and feel different.

They all had an itch. An every year itch.

People are so much better than their experience in life leads them to believe. They end up playing safe, adhering to parameters set by others. Unaware of their talents and possibilities or not knowing how to action them. Lacking confidence, vision or strategy. Ticking the boxes to the outside world, whilst harbouring an unlived life inside.

I work with people and organisations that are ready for change, ready for action, ready for doing life and business differently.

About me

  • I am a coach/mentor, writer, speaker/trainer, change expert, communicator, thought provoker
  • I’ve travelled extensively, I’ve lived half my life in the UK and half in the Netherlands, of course I’m bi-lingual, (still learning new words every day). Thankfully, I’ve got an EU passport.
  • I love change and I loathe routine. From age 16 I had an itch to do life differently. After a colourful and unconventional background and some incredible experiences, I now see that this has all been preparation for the work I do today and the book that is being published.
  • Health, fitness and well-being is for me the foundation for everything. You can still find me training weekly, annoying my family by getting up early for some movement, as well as experimenting with new (currently vegetarian) recipes on them.
  • I wish people had more confidence. So many are far more capable and talented but their abilities are being wasted by playing small. It lights me up to assist people to getting back to their own brilliance.
  • What is a world without learning and laughing? Oh, and stories and adventure – you need to have an adventure at least once a week, so you have an interesting story to tell. Shake off how you think things ought to be.
  • Business people are people. Business speak should be just English or any other language. Organisations can help redefine the working world of tomorrow. Saving time and money on box-ticking and investing that into the itch and innovation.

So, you need to know what I’ve done to assess if I’m any good?

  • Master diploma fitness training & Sports therapy, BSc Hons Psychology, Graduated Coach, Member ICF, TEDx Speaker
  • Worked all over Europe for Oracle, TomTom, Teva Pharmaceuticals, and Qualcomm, with many small businesses, schools/ universities and councils as a consultant/trainer to improve teams, leaders, create effective strategies for development and change
  • Personal coaching practice in health and well-being to assist people in making lifestyle and health changes
  • Personal corporate coaching practice working with business owners and teams
  • Author Diamond in the Mud (2011), the Body Bank (2012), The Every Year Itch (2019)
  • Coach, trainer, facilitator and speaker on The Every Year Itch (programmes)