About Kirsten

About Kirsten de Bouter

What is your itch?

Do you ever get that feeling that something isn’t quite right? A sense that aspects of your life aren’t flowing, or that the emphasis is on all the wrong things? Do you wish you were in a different job/town/country, running a company, training to become the fittest you, planning for a trip, learning a new skill? What about the plans you had, the dreams you dreamt?

These are the stories I have heard for over 24 years from people from all walks of life. Without exception they all wanted something different: live, work and feel different.

They all had an itch. An every year itch.

People are so much better than their experience in life leads them to believe. They end up playing safe, adhering to parameters set by others. Unaware of their talents and possibilities or not knowing how to action them. Lacking confidence, vision or strategy. Ticking the boxes to the outside world, whilst harbouring an unlived life inside.

I work with people and organisations that are ready for change, ready for action, ready for doing life and business differently.

About me

I am passionate about the following things: change, people and business.

Change: we live in unprecedented times and change is the only constant. It offers the opportunity to adapt, to meet new requirements, to grow and re-invent. Change is exciting and offers opportunities for endless (re)development.

People: mostly underestimate their talents and tend to be conditioned to follow the rules. People are on the whole so much better, so much more capable, so much more resourceful than they can ever imagine. I help people to acknowledge their potential, strategise a route to living and working differently and redefine success.

Business: I believe business is the vehicle with which to take ownership, responsibility, lead and be part of the change process. Running or being part of a business is leading from the front, and helping redefine the future of work and the role business can play in a new world.

I am a:

  • Business mentor & trainer with a background in Psychology and behavioural change. I help business owners re-invent and change, become more effective and increase turnover. For 24 years I have worked with entrepreneurs and within organisations delivering training on managing change, innovation and improving effectiveness. Companies I have worked with include Oracle, TomTom, Teva Pharmaceuticals, and Qualcomm, as well as many small business owners. In addition, I have worked in universities and schools to inspire young people and hand them the tools to carve out successful paths.
  • Director of technology company. In order to innovate embracing technology is essential. We work on online branding, marketing, social media as well as strategising ongoing digital success.
  • Author of “The ever-year itch. Do Life Differently” (2019) and international speaker (TEDx and Toastmasters).

My own do life and work differently credentials:

  • I’ve travelled extensively, I’ve moved to a new country three times. lived in the UK and in the Netherlands. I have recently moved to southern Spain for a new adventure. I am fluent in Dutch, English and learning Spanish. I speak French and German.
  • I am a hands-on mentor/coach who mostly works remotely using Skype, Zoom, Crowdcast. My clients are based in various countries like the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and the US. For speaking events I travel and of course clients are more than welcome to work with me intensively in the beautiful Andalusia.

I take on projects that are exciting, innovative, original or give me opportunities to learn and help people. They are never 9-5, nor conventional, nor stuck in one particular area. My work is part of my life and I love it. I have worked with big companies, Hampshire Police, TEDx organisation, Universities (Chichester), as well as with successful business people in entertainment, the building industry, hospitality, travel industry and HR/training.