Speaking & Presenting

Keynote speaker

Public speaking is -and always has been- my passion. I love the opportunity to move, motivate and inspire audiences on topics I have extensive knowledge about, am experienced in and that are close to my heart. I’m an international Toastmaster and TEDx speaker and therefore I have been involved in speech writing and delivery for many years. Speeches need to be thought provoking, entertaining and most of all enable the audience to walk away being moved, knowing more or thinking more deeply about what they have just heard. In the very best scenario a speech can inspire people to take action in one way or another.    

I’m excited to deliver keynotes speeches for small to large audiences on some of the following topics:

  • Doing life differently, making unusual choices, going against the grain
  • How to overcome obstacles, perseverance, resilience
  • Finding out and standing up for who/what you are, living in integrity, authenticity
  • Mental health, self-motivation, self-worth and confidence
  • The education system that harms young people

Speaking engagements can be done in person or online in either English or Dutch.

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Public speaking training

Public speaking is a hugely handy tool and most of all, it can be taught. Young and old benefit from this skill in so many ways.

  • If you want to get better at public speaking, speech writing and get feedback on your overall delivery, please click here to find out more
  • If you are looking to organise a public speaking event in your school in order to teach young people this invaluable communication skill, please click here for more information