The Every Year Itch – Age is just a number – with Traci Jeske

Personal Stylist, Traci Jeske, always had a love for fashion. She moved from Canada to Italy, took care of her family, taught English and then realised it was absolutely time to make room for her itch. She is now director of En Vogue Stylist changing the wardrobes and also the lives of women over 50, teaching them to wake up with passion, purpose but above all, to look amazing.

Personal Stylist Traci Jeske, always had a love for fashion, but life took many turns before she could act on it in a big way. She moved from Canada to Italy where she built a successful life in which family played a big role. She taught English, as well as working as Stylist, but her love for fashion kept prompting her to make a bigger move. Traci is now director of En Vogue Styling focussing on changing the wardrobes and lives of women especially women over 50.Her positive message that age is just a number has seen her find her tribe and inspire many women to not put themselves last, but to create a killer style to match their purpose and passion.

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