Glue or Glide? And other simple signposts to live by.

Let’s face it, life is tough. It’s hard, full of surprises and often not what you expect. It’s a tough teacher notwithstanding all the requirements you have got to abide by and all the boxes you are obliged to tick. So many expectations are placed upon most people to achieve, perform, become established, earn well, look good and speed along nicely on an upward trajectory.

In the noise and external pressures it might hard to find some solace. What do you really want if nobody was to interfere? Where is it all going? Who are you and what would you do if nothing stood in your way? It would be impossible to figure it out altogether. In overwhelm we conveniently tell ourselves to save contemplation for another day. Here are a few simple tools to stay in tune with who you are and be true to you.

Glue or glide?

Does life feel like glue or are you gliding along smoothly? Is the road littered with roadblocks or are you sailing effortlessly into the sunset? If your road feels like glue, if you’re sticking to the tarmac and moving forward painfully slowly, what are the road signs saying? And if you’re gliding right now, what are you doing that works?

Attraction or repulsion?

Are you moving towards something? Are you seeing the light, the dream, the imagined destination, which is so inspiring you won’t stop moving until you get there? Or are you propelled by trying to get away from somewhere, something? A force of nature, a situation, an environment that is in whatever way toxic or not in sync with you. Assess what you are walking away from or where you are moving to. 

Do or doubt?

Is your life action filled or doubt stalled? Do you try on for size, dip your toes in the water and experiment? Or do you think about things without taking the next step, wonder about things without taking yourself seriously? If you experience life in various forms of procrastination, then what is holding you back to take the next step? If you are taking action, what are you learning from the things you have done?

Step back and see the map not just the road you are on. Life doesn’t ……., it mirrors who we are. Without the need to have it all figured out, have a handle on where you are going, if you are not standing still. And have the awareness to know what it is that is driving you. You need to be moved to move.

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