Do Life Differently

What is ‘Do Life Differently’?

  • The art of being authentic
  • Listen to your heart, make up your own mind
  • Apply skills such as agility, adaptability, creativity
  • Being able to go against the grain when needed
  • Ongoing development, learning, changing

Changing your Life

I believe that people live much more successful lives when they are following their natural talent and passion. When this is not the case, life can get sticky and tough. People often have very ingrained beliefs and routines and find it hard to imagine a change. They worry and suffer anxiety. It’s easier carrying on unfulfilled than making the effort to consider change.  I work with people and hold them accountable, so that they are able to change gear.  You have only one life and time is short. If time was a currency, how would you spend it? 

The Learning Revolution

I am hugely disappointed with the secondary education system, which I have experienced first hand in various countries. I believe young people have the key to the future, but they are let down by an antiquated system that is stuck in a different era.

The disconnect starts in school where ‘one size fits all’ teaching tries to cater for young people with 1000s of different interests, abilities. Kids don’t need to be educated, they need to be in a learning and discovery process. Well-meaning teachers, coaches and parents have little room to manoeuvre because societal doors are opened with conventional certificates and diplomas.

Change is needed. I speak, write, coach and consult with young people and in schools to get young people set up for success in a new, fast changing world.

Working differently

Working with people in my practice, I have learned that so many people choose a path others approve of. They colour within the lines. Maybe the future of work doesn’t fit within the old structures of yesterday. Maybe you can access many more of your personal talents and express them creatively. Many people now start their own companies, work online or as digital entrepreneurs. What does your ideal work life look like and what can you do to make it a reality?

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