Speaking & Presenting

Kirsten de Bouter Speaking

I speak on a range of subjects but all under one message . . .
If you’ve got an ITCH – SCRATCH!

People are so much more talented and capable than they allow themselves to think they are, restricted by out-of-date confines and unable to tap into their endless well of talents.

They are feeling the ITCH, but what next?

Sometimes we need to be shaken, woken up, energised. We need to look at things in a different light, take in new knowledge and change perspective.

We are so accustomed to adhering to rules, waiting for a orders, working within parameters. It is time to re-think the boundaries, adjust values and principles and make use of natural talents rather than be only driven by money or profit.

These are the times to redefine the things we may have taken for granted, these are the times to develop new eyes.

As a Toastmaster and TEDx speaker I enjoy motivating and inspiring audiences regarding their undiscovered possibilities, their itch and how to act upon it.