The Unlived Life for Individuals

For those who feel the itch and want to act on it.

Reinvent – re-shape – innovate – transition your life.

Is this you?

  1. You have more to achieve and more to give
  2. Your current routine isn’t rewarding or exciting enough
  3. You’ve made plans but not completed them
  4. You want to have a happy money v. meaning seesaw
  5. You feel stuck, unchallenged, bored, afraid of change or you don’t know where to start

This 6-month intensive mentor programme will unlock your untapped potential and bring to life your Unlived Life. You can colour outside the lines and succeed.

  • Re-address the work-live-play-success balance
  • Define and unlock your potential
  • Use new-think to make a creative life plan and act upon it
  • Bring to life your unique skills and talents
  • Learn to love change

I have worked within organisations for 24 years as a coach, mentor, strategist and trouble-shooter. I am fiercely passionate about looking at life and business differently, making good use of modern technology and human capacity, both of which all too often underutilised.

I only work with people who are open for change even if they lack the confidence or self-belief and with whom I know I can make a difference.

This 6-month intensive programme covers:

  • Diagnosing of goals and career/business challenges
  • Creating your bridge of achievements and hold you accountable to it
  • Unlocking potential and creating a personal change management plan
  • Improving profitability, efficiency and engagement in everything you do
  • Increasing money v. meaning balance

This 6-month programme is done through Zoom or Skype with 2 sessions every month, email support and personal change management plan and accountability.


6-month intensive mentorship programme: €2370*

*all prices exclude VAT


Are you ready to reinvent, re-shape, innovate and transition your life, your career, your business?

The ball is in your court. This is the right time.