The every Monday itch

There is nothing a Monday morning can’t cure or destroy. Or a Tuesday morning for that matter. You might feel the need to stop and stare out of the window, pull the plug out of the treadmill machine and stop the damn digital clock from moving on another number. Maybe you just want to stay in bed and have your coffee leaning softly into the fluffy pillows, carefully positioned against the headboard.  

Catching -for once- your own thoughts, or for once, just letting them run around your head without paying much attention. What could come out of you today, if you were allowed to go in for a fleeting moment? 

But the alarm went off and called you to partake in some strange kind of reality. A reality that is only that because people oblige by it. Somewhere in the universe the starting gun sounded and called all who want to belong, to attention. It makes for an official day with an official start. If you’re not playing, you don’t fit. A 9-5pm outcast.  

You can silence the gun? Just to give yourself that false sense of security that you can call the shots yourself. You call in sick. You play that game children do: shutting your eyes, convinced you can’t be seen.  

But eventually you surrender to being sensible. You roll over. Climb out of bed like a sleepy cat, every move heavy and slow, desperate to return to the warm glow from the spot that you just occupied.  

You fluff up the pillows and position them neatly, you plug back in the treadmill and re-set the digital clock. On time. You join the tribe. Shoulders slumped forward, eyes gazing down. Your thoughts are brushed aside for another day when you will most likely have forgotten them. Your mind is filled with where you need to be, by when, what for and why.  

  • Where would you go if you didn’t need to be somewhere?  
  • What would you do, if there wasn’t a task waiting to be completed already? 
  • Most importantly, who would you be and what could you achieve?  

Are you ready to reinvent, re-shape, innovate and transition your life, your career, your business?

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