Initial Consultation

Initial consultation 

What does an initial consultation look like? Quite simply, it’s a first chat in which we get to know each other. We ask each other questions over a virtual cup of tea. No obligations and no commitments. For my work to work wonders, it is important we get on and can have a laugh together too.


This goes without saying in my line of work, but it’s so important I prefer to highlight it. What is being discussed, or said, or shared will never leave the virtual room.

My work principles

  • Your mistakes cost you nothing (in other words, you can say what you think, feel or believe and try things out- you can make mistakes without anyone throwing things back in your face. Our workspace is like a workshop).
  • Come prepared to be challenged. I want you to win. You can’t win if you have a ‘yes-woman’ as a trainer/coach. I want the best out of you. You can’t produce your best in a workshop where everything you do is cheered about. At times I will ask difficult questions, hold the mirror up or get you to think again. It’s because I am on your side).
  • Perfection is a stalling tactic- it doesn’t exist. Therefore, we need to get down and messy in the workshop. Experimentation is a huge part of my work. Not everything succeeds first time, but in time it will. There are huge rewards to be had in the journey.
  • Fun, we need to have fun. Learning is fun, doing something new is fun, failing is fun (because it is part of success- the more you fail the closer you are to success) and stretching your mental muscles can bring incredible results. The process and those results will be remembered so much better when they were achieved smiling.