Find your tribe – Expanding your community globally

Winning through collaboration not isolation

It’s sounds enticing, doesn’t it, connecting with people globally? The cool, no-boundary approach, fully embracing modern technology to see into the lives of people worldwide and do business with them. The anything-is-possible attitude using whatever means to create a world wide web of one’s own, because going global represents a degree of popularity and success.

Isn’t it true that it can also be intimidating to step onto that “world stage” if you step onto it because everyone else does it? How do you go about it, even if you have your starter pack of laptop, phone and an opinion? In a sea of what seems mostly nice and well-established people projecting their life onto a screen, it can be hard to hear or be heard.

Find your tribe

Looking past the technical how to’s, the followers count and the diversity of your potential audience, lies a land of opportunities. These are the times to do things differently. There’s permission to lose the straight jacket of olden times that instructed how things ought to be done. What are your talents and what brings you energy? How can you create a place for that and who is your possible world-wide audience or client?

To work differently means architecting one’s life flip-thinking and experimenting, learning from and connecting to likeminded people. Start with what lights you up, your talents and work from the ‘inside out’ being true to yourself. Then connect it with your tribe. There are so many people around the world looking to do the same thing in their language under the umbrella of their culture. All outwardly different but essentially the same.

Tuning into it makes for fascinating discussions, insights and fast-tracks learning. It taps into the soul of each individual and creates a spirited wider community in which success lives side by side with starting the conversation. True winning comes through collaboration not isolation.

Tuning fork

So yes, have all the social media how’s covered well. Set up the channels of communication and deliver your unique voice into it. Make sure it is launched from the right place. Like a tuning fork you ring on one side of a room, you will find that it resonates if done authentically. Be kind, be yourself and transparent. Tell your story with conviction, then you don’t need to sell. Your unique skills are needed out there.

Don’t just send and send more, but listen out for the sounds that come back down the wires. The word listen tells you how to do that: be silent at times.


The online world makes for great introductions. It’s a fab tool for maintaining friendships. Somewhere in between is the undeniable need for an offline coffee. A face to face sparring session, a getting to know someone, or being inspired by having a heart to heart.

In the world of doing life differently, I have travelled the planet far and wide; exhilarating trips to find new cultures, meet new people and learn new lessons. It’s taught me things I could not have come across otherwise. Stepping over physical, mental and out of date boundaries to find that different ways cannot be labelled weird, but are a simple fact of being wired differently. I have travelled equal miles online and talked to inspirational people in Miami, Amsterdam, Auckland, London and Santiago. All of whom are expressing their own version of living differently to the world, being in their element, reaching their potential.

It’s a great source of motivation and comfort to connect to your tribe. There’s a world out there, which is much less intimidating than you imagine. Grow your community globally and never seize to be amazed and to develop. It’s not a numbers game, it’s a meaningful one.

Are you ready to reinvent, re-shape, innovate and transition your life, your career, your business?

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