Don’t compromise

Overcoming disappointment and joining the winning team

By the time you become too scared, too cynical, too realistic, too responsible, too safe to do or think outrageously, it is probably time to do it.

You might have been negotiating compromises on what really motivates you. Compromises are no real goals. They are soup. A mixture of who you want to be, combined with what you ought to do. A compromise makes no one happy; it’s a half-baked bun, a half ripe tomato, a half-done deal that aims to please all, but makes miserable everybody. It’s a watered-down version of your truth. A heart felt solution overridden by the sensible brain. It lacks fight and commitment but ticks all the boxes.

Similarly, dulled down expectations are no real expectations. They are mundane actions with nothing extra on top. A shade of grey, a shadow, a way of saying “I didn’t really believe in you nor me.” A lack of faith in the power of working it out, working together and that dreams can still be reached. It’s hard to have felt the disappointment of hopes built up high and the crashing of that wave soon after. Especially when you have experienced that on multiple occasions, you will be drawn to the next best thing. The safer way shows its appeal.

In the reaching for the compromised version of the plan, -the bits you reckon can bring success more easily and sustainably-, you changed the meaning of success. Reaching for the stars meant going for something magnificent, something un-guaranteed, something that was so cool, so brilliant, so worth paying the price for or worth dying for trying. The journey of which would be enriching, deepening both mentally, emotionally and spiritually and filled with everything that life should be about. Navigating from fear of failure is always going to bring one or two things: more fear or more failure.

Don’t give up trying nor living according to your truth. Just when you are too far out to give it one more shot- do so. Because now you possess something quite unique: the focus of what you want combined with the wisdom and courage to get there. Whatever happens next, it is that killer combination that makes you a winner alone. This is where scores of people turn around and go home, shrug their shoulders and change their story.

Do it- think from a place of unlimited restrictions – go big, if it’s just to show the kids that you can and you will never give up. You will have to play to some rules if your aim is to ultimately break them. Instead of surrender to them- change them from within. Instead of escape- stay to see it through. You need to be a player to score- you need to be on the field. But the game isn’t over until it is. Till then reach for being a winner because that makes you one.

Are you ready to reinvent, re-shape, innovate and transition your life, your career, your business?

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