The Every Year Itch – Bill Liao – Design a purpose and do the work

With a background in and passion for technology, successful entrepreneur Bill Liao actually believes that social transformation is the driving force behind technology. He is dedicated to creating a life that works for all life and says it’s our responsibility to fix the planet.

Bill is the founder of the Coderdojo and Weforest amongst other initiatives. Instead of just striving for financial gain in business, the most important question is “what is life all about?” Design a purpose and do the work, because all purpose needs fuel. The hardest obstacle to overcome is fear, as well as the fear of fear. In order to win this game it’s important to handle the emotion and to be free around failure. There are just three rules in entrepreneurship: don’t die, don’t suck, don’t quit.

You can contacts Bill:
On twitter: @liaonet

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