The Every Year Itch

You must have felt The Itch.

The urge to change gear, learn something new, start a business, travel, change career or have an adventure.

Much more is possible than you dare to believe. Discover how to scratch that itch and design a life that suits and fulfils you.

Don’t waste any more time on ticking boxes or meeting other people’s expectations.

“This book takes you by the hand and gives you the tools to find and follow your passion. Motivational yet down to earth, practical yet compassionate, but most of all insightful and fun. Kirsten shows you that you’re so much more capable than you might ever have thought.”  Natalie Imbruglia

By Kirsten de Bouter

Kirsten is a mentor, speaker and change expert, passionate about bringing out the best in people and teams. She has worked in companies all over Europe, as well as assisting hundreds of individuals to make life and career shifts.

Kirsten inspires people to reframe how work works, to do life differently and to tap into their personal potential.

“Following Kirsten’s advice, I have been inspired to restructure my business , adjust my goals and change my life.”  Darren Magri

“This has been inspirational. I was totally motivated to make life about living and not all about what I should be doing.”  Nicky Sanders