The Every Year Itch – Success is what you make it – With Casey Paul

When you study law but working in a law firm makes you miserable, what do you do? Casey Paul followed her intuition and commercial instincts and set up a successful business in the fashion industry, became a celebrity personal stylist and moved onwards seamlessly to becoming a success coach for women.

Business and Life success coach Casey Paul graduated with a law degree but couldn’t be more unhappy working in a law firm. Not prepared to put up with this Casey travelled to Hong Kong and rolled into the fashion industry. She set up a clothing brand and soon became a celebrity personal stylist for the BAFTAS and Soap awards, working between London and LA. Following her talents and her “itch” saw Casey turning everything she touched into a success, so she started a coaching business to empower female entrepreneurs.

You can contact Casey via
Instagram: casey_paul_
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