The Every Year Itch – Colouring the world – With Noël Straakenbroek

What do you do when you get to a crossroads in your life? You give up your business and make your mission to colour the world! Noël Straakenbroek (brand expert) tells how her travels took to various deprived areas in the world and how she subsequently started the Colour The World foundation, brightening up schools, hospital and orphanages for children.

As designer and brand specialist it’s Noël’s mission to use a combination of knowledge and intuition in creative design. During a project at a children’s ward in a Dutch hospital Noël saw the profound effect her work had on parents and children. She was re-inspired to create colourful places for children, wherever they live in the world. This motivated Noël to connect her creative work with an element of social entrepreneurship and the ability to give back. Noël set up het foundation “Colour the World” and travelled to various places from India to Cosovo, from Vietnam to Brasil to create better living environments for children.

Website – Instagram – @noellastraakenbroek

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