Do Life Differently

The Every Year Itch packages

Don’t go another month shelving a plan, fearing a change, starting but not finishing and dreaming that “one day…it will be different”. If you are thinking of taking action, this is the time.

You want to travel, be fit and energetic, earn money being more creative, run your own business, develop new skills, find your zone, live abroad, do public speaking, write music, sell products, eat more healthily, inspire people, open a shop, write a book…what is your itch, your unlived Life? Make it happen.

Keep it simple

Below are three different packages from light to intensive, depending on what you are ready to take on. They can easily be tailored to whatever aspect of life you might want to focus on:

  • Career change / professional growth and fulfilment
  • Business development / growing a profitable business system
  • Health, fitness and well-being / calm / staying youthful
  • Personal development / confidence / reenergise

Short, sharp Re-set session: press pause, get clear

Discover your itch and get energised for action.

Focus on: what’s your itch and how can you make it happen?

Great for: press pause, get clear, get confident, take steps.

  • A short intro questionnaire
  • 90 min Skype or Zoom meeting with Kirsten defining, finding, scratching your itch.
  • A 30 min follow-up Skype/Zoom call and accountability plan
  • Email support and motivation

Cost €295

7 week Do life differently “experiment”

Focus on: experimenting with creating change that’s fulfilling and rewarding

Great for: taking control of life, career, business and grabbing the steering wheel

  • Intro questionnaire & pre programme prep
  • 90 min kick off session
  • 5 x weekly 30 min sparring and check in sessions
  • 1 x creating a plan session
  • Email support and motivation throughout

Cost €500

6 months Bridge of Change process

Doing life differently. Mentorship to see change through to the end and make it a success.

Focus on: Walking the bridge of change and planning for success.

Great for: Results

  • A short intro call followed by The Every Year Itch questionnaire
  • 6-month process of two 60 min Skype or Zoom sessions a month,
  • email follow up, support and motivation
  • Progress tracking & accountability

Cost €2370

For business packages and group sessions based on the principles above, please contact Kirsten here for an initial consultation and to tailor a package to suit your needs.