What is your ITCH?

Do you ever get that feeling that something isn’t quite right? A sense that aspects of your life aren’t flowing, or that the emphasis is on all the wrong things? Do you wish you were in a different job/town/country, running a company, training to become the fittest you, planning for a trip, learning a new skill? What about the plans you had, the dreams you dreamt?

These are the stories I have heard for over 24 years from people from all walks of life. Without exception they all wanted something different: live, work and feel different.

They all had an itch. An every year itch.

People are so much better than their experience in life leads them to believe. They end up playing safe, adhering to parameters set by others. Unaware of their talents and possibilities or not knowing how to action them. Lacking confidence, vision or strategy. Ticking the boxes to the outside world, whilst harbouring an unlived life inside.

I work with people and organisations that are ready for change, ready for action, ready for doing life and business differently.