The Every Year Itch

A short, sharp and super enjoyable personal intervention

What’s bugging you? What needs to change, soon? What does your heart say when your head keeps quiet? What happens in your wildest dreams?

Address your “Every Year Itch”, put your finger on it and take action. Don’t go another month shelving a plan, fearing a change, starting but not finishing and dreaming that “one day…it will be different”.

You want to travel, be fit and energetic, earn money being more creative, run your own business, develop new skills, find your zone, live abroad, do public speaking, write music, sell products, eat more healthily, inspire people, open a shop, write a book…what is your Unlived Life??

With change expert Kirsten de Bouter Shillam you will scratch your itch and turn it into something that you will do, achieve, create, make happen.

  • A short intro call, followed by The Every Year Itch online think & create workshop
  • A two-hour Skype or Zoom meeting with Kirsten defining, finding, scratching your itch.
  • An accountability follow-up Skype/Zoom call complete with future plan

Cost €295*

*all prices exclude VAT


Are you ready to reinvent, re-shape, innovate and transition your life, your career, your business?

The ball is in your court. This is the right time.