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Articles, poems, wordplay, interviews and any other contribution on how to Do Life Differently.

More needs to be said about how to do life differently. About architecting life the way it feels right, about breaking the mould and setting one’s own parameters instead of following other people’s. More needs to be communicated about living life from the inside out, listening to heart over head and reaching one’s unique potential.

Kirsten has travelled, studied, lived and worked all over Europe. She is a mentor, speaker, change expert, communicator and thought provoker. She studied Psychology and worked in all conventional training and coaching set ups in big companies and in a thriving coaching practice. But Kirsten realised that there is far bigger issue facing people in organisations. So many people are so much better, so much more capable but doubt themselves or are paralysed with fear. So many people’s lives are dull doing the same old thing that “ticks the boxes” and they are often fed up with it but unable to change.
Kirsten loves to start the conversation, provoke your thoughts and contribute to the discussion on living differently.

  • Currently Kirsten is writing The Every Year Itch (Do life differently), due for publication in December 2019.
  • She is the author of the Body Bank (2011) and Diamond in the Mud (2010)
  • Regular contributor to the Dutch Review Blog with over 185.000 unique visitors each month.
  • Kirsten helps write speeches in Toastmasters and for TEDx speakers.

Of course you can also find Kirsten’s work on her blog