Building the bridge to working differently

Reinvent – Re-shape – innovate – transition your business.

For business owners, business leaders, managers who want their business to be on a different playing field.

Does this sound familiar?

  1. There is more to be achieved or unlocked (using human talent and technology)
  2. The current business isn’t profitable, rewarding or exciting enough
  3. A need to create a path rather than follow one

This 6-month intensive mentoring programme reaches the untapped potential of your business and the people in it. These are changing times to colour outside the lines and succeed.

What’s to gain?

  • Position your business to lead the way
  • Maximise / unlock potential: business, human, technological
  • Differentiate, innovate, stand out from the crowd
  • Establish new ways of working; engaging employees and customers alike

I have worked within organisations for 24 years as a coach, mentor, strategist and trouble-shooter. I am fiercely passionate about looking at business differently, making good use of modern technology and human capacity, both of which all too often underutilised.

I only work with organisations with whom I know I can make a difference and with leaders that truly want to lead and think outside the box.

The 6-month intensive programme covers:

  • Diagnosing goals and business challenges
  • Creating a bridge of achievements
  • Unlocking potential of business and its people
  • Improving profitability, efficiency and engagement
  • Increasing technological efficiency

The 6-month programme starts with an initial Skype call, followed by a two-day intensive, strategic, creative business workshop to carve out future developments. The next step in this work/think-shop is to carve out a bridge of achievements.

Following on from this work/think-shop are 5 further months of intensive coaching/consulting to implement your new strategy and create accountability to doing so.


Total package cost: from €6150*

Added options: Implementation workshops with teams.

*all prices exclude VAT


Are you ready to reinvent, re-shape, innovate and transition your life, your career, your business?

The ball is in your court. This is the right time.